An exhibition is a big investment : regarding both time and money. So if you are planning for one ; it is really a right choice for promoting your brand and increasing the business. People usually make mistakes with the way of setting up exhsibition stand and display. Therefore always hire a professional exhibition stand designer for your big event. Pixelmate India is the best exhibition stand design company in Ahmedabad. An exhibition stand is a small piece of space where you can display your product and brand information for public awareness. So this is the place that need to be concentrated in such events. You can have a look at our profile and confirm that we are the best choice for you.

Who are we : The best exhibition stand design company in Ahmedabad

We, Pixelmate India, always comes up with conceptualized, custom made and elegant exhibition stall designs that can make an admirable identity among the exhibitors. We own the best exhibition stand design in Ahmedabad. We are a bunch of aspirant workers. The exhibition stand designers, managers, fabricators, laborers all contribute to our excellence. We frequently train our team to be updated with the latest technology available in the industry. So we are able to do any type of design you point your finger at; very easily and perfectly. This feature adds to our increasing demand.

What we do: small exhibition stand design

Pixelmate India is a team. So we undertake our clients all types of works regarding exhibition. Once we are hired, our manager at first go to the client and have a conversation with him regarding what type of brand he wants to endorse, what is his business strategy , whether he has any view or idea in his mind etc. Our manager will be with the client right from the beginning of the project. He will be there to help him find the proper space for his stall. Our manager will talk with the organizers and try to get a map of the trade show ground, then will find a suitable space for our client, where we can set an easily noticeable stall for him, and draw a small exhibition stand design.

Then comes the role of our versatile and creative designers who create the best exhibition stand design in Ahmedabad. They will interact directly with the client to know and understand about his business and ideas. If he has got any perspective, then they will work it out adding more suitable innovative elements. If the company already have a colour scheme, we will work using that and if they do not have any exclusive colour theme then we will do with the most trendy ideas to make the design harmonious. We will design in such a way to acquire the whole place available in the most effective way and utilize it by suitably arranging the show cases, roller – up stands, graphic print outs, light displays, carpet, furniture etc.

After this our professional technicians do all the fabrication works according to the design to give a highly effective, attractive and impactful output, the best exhibition stand design in Ahmedabad.  Thus we have done our job absolutely flawless and now it is the client’s turn to figure out potential customers from the enormous traffic in his stall. After the event we will assist him to dismantle and store for the next event.


Designing : The core function

Our skilled, creative and innovative group of designers work together to deliver the marvelous output. We use all the available most modern graphic technologies. Recent trend is modular exhibition stand design. These designs are very compact, flexible and durable. Ease of work is what people grab for now a days. We do innovations and develop absolutely new and attractive designs which states our design as the best exhibition stand design in Ahmedabad. After designing the stand using suitable colour combinations, we design the lighting scheme. Back drop illuminations and light boxes can also be used depending upon the client’s budget. We give the client a drawing at first and after doing his recommended changes if any, we go for 3D rendering. By this the client can get the absolute picture of his stand, an aerial view is produced.

Execution : The final job

After making the exact design on paper, comes the time for execution. Our highly professional technicians do this work carefully to give the final look exactly as in the drawings. Modular exhibition stand designs will take only less time to assemble and require only less man power. Hence it is cost effective. All the materials using for the stand are eco friendly and plastic free. Lights will be connected properly. Colours will flow mesmerizingly. Because of the modular design, less quantity of graphic print outs are needed to cover the frame work and hence you can reduce the cost. It can be easily assembled by the nuts and bolts and can be dismantled too very easily. The finished work will give an elegant look. Such small exhibition stand designs are not common now, hence more visitors will flow to this. People are mostly attracted to new interesting things. Hence introducing new items and designs can attract more flow towards your stand and give your client more and more new works and an increase in the business. This is our ultimate motto too. Carpet colours are selected on the basis of the theme and so are the furniture too. Proper display of the product is an inevitable part of the exhibition. Do proper LED displays and lighting works to give an aesthetic feel. Roller banners, Pop-up stands, display boards etc. will add to the beauty.

Its Your Turn Now

After attracting this huge traffic in to your stall, which was our duty, now it is your turn to figure them as your most potential clients. Here, the hospitality reigns. You should always keep a smile upon your face for all types of customers and take time and have patience to collaborate with them. With your behaviour you can let more people to come in the new exhibition stand.