Just planning an exhibition doesn’t work. If you wanna promo your brand, be with the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company. Pixelmate India, with an over 7+ years of experience can make your wish a reality.

Here’s the situation: exhibition stall design and fabrication

Design continually changes in the present time. New concepts emerge every seconds. It is highly competitive. We aim to position you where the exhibition stall design and fabrication will be current, relevant, and innovative and suit your brand very much. We mould out a design that can enable you to stand out in your own way in the trade show.

Staying up to date is critical: 3D stall design

We are always updated in our field. We continuously train our designers and fabricators with the modern technology to keep updated. Each of our project is a new innovation. We do not replicate. We always advice our clients to stay up with the new trend in order to get noticed in the crowd. Our latest feature that we promote is the 3D stall design service in Pune.

We have a team of devoted 3D stall designers, who work 24×7 to ensure a totally different and innovative platform for the client. We go through lots of process and research to provide your brand the better result in the promotion. We do our level best to convert the 3 dimensional space into an environment that can bring your brand to life. The visitors will get a truly new world when they step in. This is what we want. To bring in all the visitors and make them your potential client and thus enhance your business is our motto.

Just searching our history, you can be aware of how our 3D stall designers in Pune had helped the client to experience a world beyond his imagination and eventually how his business found the remarkable improvement. We do all this keeping in mind of the client’s budget. That is why our clients are satisfied with our service.

An insider tip

We design really cool things. We provide a harmonious atmosphere for our designers to work so that they can emerge with exciting designs for our esteemed clients as well as for us to become the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company. Pixelmate India gives full support to you from the very moment you become our client. Our team consisting of the managers, designers, fabricators, transporters all will work dedicatedly for you to ensure an amazing output for your brand.

No hidden charges

Customer satisfaction is what we always focus to. We are straight forward in all our calculations and we try to provide cost effective service to our clients. We do not add any hidden charges in our service. From our years of experience, we are quite sure how much each elements cost and our quotation will be based upon that. Any doubts of the clients will be cleared accurately before the work start because we always promote a friendly environment in all exhibition stall design and fabrication deals.

More about us

We, Pixelmate India, are specialized in exhibition stall design and fabrication. We have a team of extremely talented and skilled professionals to meet our client’s requirements. We provide best of the best service in exhibition stall fabrication. We offer purely diverse set of skills and expertise. Our main objective is to tackle with excellence.

Once you had hired us then we will work as if we own everything. Our crazy designers will design an optimum design for your brand taking into account of the space available and your requirements. They will put in all elements such as the space planning, colour combination, electricity, lighting, need of any additional elements, graphic designing, and of course whatever is needed for a 3D stall design if you opt for that. Using the most modern software they all will work together 24×7 day and night so that we can deliver the work on time. The time bound service is one of our specialty. The team is very much dedicated and devoted. Then they will produce before you the 3D of the final confirmed design of the stall. Now you will get the clear picture about how your brand will be displayed and even the position of table and chairs. You are free to add your own comments and requirements so that we can redo and get to the conclusion with the awesome design you had ever seen and most suitable for your brand. Then the best exhibition stall fabricators in Pune will take over the rest.

Once the design is finalised, our team of exhibition stall fabricators in Pune will do the execution exactly like the same in the 3D design. Our in house fabrication team will manufacture and fabricate as right as rain. You will definitely get surprised by the way how we mould out the units. In each and every minute to major elements we do maintain our quality. We use high quality and imported materials for exhibition stall fabrication. We are experts in both custom and modular designs. We promote modular designs more because they are cost effective compared to custom designs and also they can be reconfigured and reused. Modular designs are compact and neat and clean when compared to custom oversized designs. Whatever it is our final motto is to attract more and more visitors in our stall. The brands will be showcased innovatively so that more eyes fall on them first. We won’t let any visitor leave without entering our stall, although they won’t be able to leave out of their excitement to see the new model. The brands will be displayed in such a way that one leaving the stall will hold a handful of information about you. Even mere visitors will get impressed and go for your brand. Yes! Here lies our Success.

Mission accomplished

Don’t worry, we are not going to leave you even after the event. You just relax upon your success that our 3D stall designers in Pune has made possible. Our managers will be there to dismantle and then store it safely so that you can reconfigure and reuse it in the next events. Our service will be definitely money worth for your brand promotion.