We, Pixelmate India is a bunch of highly professionals and we deliver a completely exclusive exhibition stall design and fabrication solution. We have an eminent team of experts who are capable of understanding the requirements of the client and provide him the best solution for what he is over looking to. Whatever is there in the client’s mind plus the creative and innovative mind of our talented designers and fabricators can give shape to a new and attractive brand promoting exhibition stall.

Business community is always aware of the fact that other than social media and visual communications, the easiest way to reach the local public is to take part in the exhibitions. But just taking part is just a display of your product and do not make any impact on the visitors because most of them enter the trade show mostly for the fun and entertainment and only few potential customers will be there and you cannot guarantee that they will choose you from the wide range of exhibitors they are getting from the same industry. We, being an exhibition stall design and fabrication company take care of these factors.

Hence if you value your money and honestly want to increase your business , then you need to stand out in the show and there lies the need of professional support. Whatever is your budget, Team Pixelmate is a right choice, if you are looking for in Mumbai. We over take all types of projects irrespective of their scale and produce the output with the same effort. Our 3D stall designer in Mumbai works wonderfully.

Pixelmate India : Your best choice : exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai

We are a team of well experienced professionals; we have gathered a vast experience over the years and had handled a wide range of brands. Over 7+ years of experience has helped us to come up with elegant approaches to customize and provide innovative looks as per the requirement of each client. Our handful of experience and the enthusiastic innovation team can create exclusive kiosks, 3D exhibition stalls and other related works to make our client’s brand promotion very effective and impactful. That is why the genuine clients enter our door steps to find the best exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai.

Come to us : Take a handful of service

Usually exhibitors run in search of a good exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai during any event, trade show or a trade fair. Pixelmate India is very loyal to our clients. Once you are in our service, we will provide you with all services in the exhibition. Our manger will at first help you to select appropriate space in the ground so that your stall can get a better view.

Then our extremely creative core designers, who are a team of graphic designers, 3d designers, space planning designers, stand designers, light and sound engineers etc, will personally have an open conversation with you regarding the ideas you have in your mind about your brand and its promotion. They will also introduce you to our latest 3D stall design service in Mumbai.

We take care of all the facts, even the minute one won’t be missed by us, because we know that sometimes little things can make great impact. After the meeting with you, they all will sit together to discuss their parts and will make a new, innovative and attractive design exclusive for your brand. Our intention is to make your brand stall noticeable than the rest. We will do every possible thing for this and will add all the required flavours. We are always passionate to make a highly impactful new design for each of our clients. Our exhibition stall fabricators’ team is well experienced to interchange any elements to result in an extremely out of the world design. We make our client proud to showcase his brand in such a way.

First impression is the best impression : exhibition stall design and fabrication

Our team work passionately for 24×7 to provide an innovative and highly impressive design. We work on the principle that first impression is the best impression. We always want the eye balls to fall first on our stall. Only any new and interesting or highly different structure can make this happen. We not only want the visitors to have just a look of the brand but also want them to step in the stall and stay there for some time and leave with a brain full of impressive information about the brand. For this the execution of the exhibition stall design and fabrication matters a lot.

After confirming the design, our 3D designers will render it in 3D so that the client can get a better understanding of his brand display. Any comments and changes from the client side are acceptable and we will give the final draft according to that. Then our exhibition stall fabrication team will execute it to reality.

Committed to quality : exhibition stall design and fabrication company

We are always committed to quality in each and every element. Our fabricators use high quality imported materials for the stall fabrication. Even the graphic print outs are displayed in large format high quality fabric and also we promote to eco friendly products. We always focus to minimize the harmful waste. All these make us the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company.

Being one of the best exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai, our technicians are highly qualified up-to-date professionals. We use the most modern techniques. 3D design stall is our new approach. According to your budget, the three dimensional space can be utilized to make a totally new effect. In order to let more foot steps to enter your stall irrespective of the gender and age, the visual impression should work up to the sky. We provide the best 3D stall design service in Mumbai.

Pixelmate India comprises of a best team of stall design and fabrication, also our 3D stall designers in Mumbai do amazing work to deliver you the ultimate promotion of your brand. Our managers will be with you up to dismantling and storing . Thus we provide the best A-Z solution for exhibition stall design and fabrication.

We provide the best 3D stall design service in Mumbai.