Are you looking for an exhibition stall designing and fabrication company in Kolkata? We can provide you with fantastic and most appealing exhibition stall that can make you recognizable in the exhibition.

Be a trend setter : exhibition stall design and fabrication

We provide our client with design; create a prototype, workstations and 3D rendering visualization. We are highly specialized in setting exhibition corners and promotional stations for any industry. We utilize multimedia technology, video walls, interactive flooring, attractive lighting system etc. We are specialized in 3D exhibition stall designs. 3D exhibition stalls are the new trends. We go the extra mile to come up with new, a highly creative and innovative hi tech design for each project. We possess a winning team of qualified experts in exhibition stall design and fabrication, who are always ready to create the best customized solution for your exhibition stall and to drive you step by step until you attain your great success in the event. Our experience guarantees solving technical, logistic and organizational problems. Let us set new trends.

How do we design?

After getting associated with a client, we take enough time to talk with him to get a knowledge about his product, what he needs from us, whether there is any designing ideas in his mind, what are his requirements and what he expect from us. Then our dedicated and talented team of designers will present the client a layout and 3D renderings that can provide a 360 – degree view of the exhibition stall design. The various steps are displayed and refined through renderings and the client can incorporate his ideas too. The design will also allow to evaluate the colours, the graphics, the lighting, the arrangement of the furniture and the display of the products so that the client can communicate his views well and get an idea about the budget. We do innovative and conceptual exhibition stall design for every level from setting up a small scale corner shop to demanding sites for showrooms, research centres, business centres etc. Our 3D stall designer in Kolkata is the latest talk of the town.

Our dedicated managers are active to be with you in each and every step of the project from visualization to execution, transport, assembling and dismantling of furniture etc. throughout the event. Each and every staff of us will be there with you and we possess a good team of exhibition stall fabricators in Kolkata.

We are very trendy and completely utilize the multimedia technology in our outcomes. Amazing and awesome and attractive lighting arrangements can attract all the visitors. We use laser as well as LED lightings in all its possible way to attract more eye balls. We offer plasma screens, front projection or rear projection screens, video projectors, amplification systems, intelligent lights etc. In short, our   intension to make your exhibition stall trendy and smart. All furniture and setting will be on theme basis that is according to the colour theme you choose or else our designers will do the job. Then our designers will fix accordingly the colour for carpet, storage wall and for other elements to give a uniform look. We use CAD design and rendering systems to turn out the ideas immediately. All the phases of the project are well detailed in our structure and we are very much enthusiastic to maintain our company as the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company in Kolkata.

After finalizing the floor plan and the design, you will get a 3D view of your stall. We concentrate on conceptual, modular, flexible, functional and attractive design. We focus on how your stall will help you to show products and receive more potential clients in a smart and stylish space exclusively for your marketing purpose. We never let any stone unturned during the exhibition stall fabrication.

Our belief

We are a group of happy and satisfied individuals who can be trustworthy for the right exhibitor. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. From the beginning to end, from very small idea to the big project, our teams will advise you on the best solution for your exhibition stall design. We value our client a lot and believe to work in collaboration with him for a result which is in line with his expectations. We believe in building brands through imagination, engagement, actions, success and the huge result. Our exhibition stall fabricators in Kolkata, always keep our and our client’s heads up at the end.

We are at work: be cautious

At first our most talented, professional and specialized team, will make a potential analysis regarding the product of the client and what they want from us or expect from us and how to design in order to enhance their business. After collecting all the information from all sides, our designers will sit down to discuss and develop the project and make the final design. Our 3D stall design service in Kolkata is very popular. Then comes the most important journey from the final confirmed design to the working plan.

Now we can go for exhibition stall fabrication. We focus on analysis of the material keeping in mind the client’s choice too. The selection of material depends on client’s budget. So at this stage budget finalization is also important. Don’t worry , we have got a huge stock of each n every material needed for the structure and also an in house unit for manufacturing. So we can provide you with the most cost- effective output. Then lies the choice of colour, lighting arrangements, paneling ideas etc. Then we will transport the materials to the venue.

The exhibition stall fabricators in Kolkata will do their final part of setting up the stall perfectly using the available resources and give it a beautiful and attractive attire. We are aware of the fact that a well-designed display of the product, giving the whole information about the product in a glance, can attract more potential clients easily.

Our vision

In our each and every design we focus to deliver brand message to the visitors that can create positive impact and can lead to high attention. The exhibition stall design and fabrication should give a crystal clear picture of all the information about the product. What we deliver is our experience and each and every stall we fabricate is a milestone in our journey. Our quality lies in the bunch of qualified and excellent graphic designers and the 3D stall designers in Kolkata, the well-equipped and sophisticated design studio, highly experienced / skilled and updated team. They are using high end software to maintain quality and make the most modern and trendy designs for our esteemed clients. Most modern technology such as 3D design is now flowing in our property.

Our achievement

We are the best team for exhibition stall design and fabrication.

We provide the best 3D stall design service in Kolkata.