To endorse your brand in public, no place is better than an exhibition ground. Do you think all the visitors coming in the stall are in search of you? No, most of them are coming as a family outing and only few will be coming purposely. This condition is not good for your motto. As you had spent a lot of capital in this event to get more engagements and business for your brand, you should think about higher ideas to attract people. So it is time to think about an exhibition stall design and fabrication company.

Who are we

If you are heading for an excellent and friendly environment, Pixelmate India is the right choice. We are an exhibition stall design and fabrication company. Here you can get all that you need for an exhibition. That is we provide total exhibition solution.

We provide our clients a turn key project management, dedicated designing service, installation and dismantle service, warehousing service, logistics management etc. All the members work together artistically and efficiently when it comes to turning cutting edge creative concepts to reality. Our production and execution team do their work efficiently to build the structure exactly as it is in the 3D resulting in the best exhibition stall design and fabrication.

We are detail oriented and budget conscious. We have a graphic designing team to work hand in hand with the 3D stall designer in Kochi. To produce the best, new, modern and trendy design suitable for your brand is their motto. They had always succeeded in their mission till now and we are so proud of such a team in us.

Our designers provide the detailed 3D rendering of the final image for the client to understand every details going to occur in his stall. So the client need not have to worry about the exhibition stall fabrication. The expertise in fabrication just has to show their skills according to the detailed design drawing.

All of our die hard and extremely talented teammates work together to give our client the best of his lifetime experience. Our client as well as the visitors will get to visualise the extremely new type of exhibition stall design and fabrication.

Our services

  • Sit with you and listen to your ideas
  • Make a detailed drawing of the design, including lighting arrangements and extra elements, to give you an idea about how it looks
  • After confirming the design, provide you with 3D rendering to give you an idea about the final excellent look
  • Keep highly attractive, informative and professional banners and brochures for visitors
  • Hi-Tech and skilled exhibition stall fabricators in Kochi
  • Lighting support
  • Customer support throughout the project

How we work

Once you hire us, we will be working in this mode. At first our manager will arrange a meeting with you. Will listen to your needs and requirements and give our suggestions and recommendations and thus try to understand you fully. Once we make a deal with you means you are in our family. Our active manager will be there with you from beginning to end of the event. He will make you understand about the new trends and our most modern 3D stall design service in Kochi and will give you a clear picture of the way our all team work.

The first chore is to choose an appropriate place for your stall. Meanwhile our creative designers will come up with the most innovative and trendy custom designs. We always try to provide new exclusive designs rather than repetition of the designs. We make unique designs for each one of our clients because we are aware of the fact that the current project is a dream project for the client. We take special care not to make a conflict because first of all, we don’t have time for such cramps and the second one is that we strictly recommend a friendly atmosphere in work. Our exhibition stall fabricators in Kochi will also work keeping all this in mind to give our client with the best and the perfect one.

Our exhibition stall designers

Our team of creative designers will make highly innovative and conceptualized design, efficiently blending colour schemes to attain a perfect theme colour and suitably using the available space. They give an eye catching design for all the banners, graphic print outs, brochures, flyers etc. If you are interested in 3D stall, then we can take the service of our 3D stall designers in Kochi. They are a team, very well equipped with all the most modern technology and software to produce a 3D stage for showcasing your brand. They design perfectly utilizing the available space and also taking into account of the visitor’s view. The position of display banners are fixed after lot of research, so that no eyes do miss the banner. They give the perfect design for lighting solutions too. Attractive and elegant lightings will be given through the panels and also to highlight the product. Laser shows can also be arranged on clients’ demand. The colour of the carpet and furniture are designed to blend with the theme colour. Spaces for audio and visual arrangements can also be designed. We make sure that our design won’t let anyone to move on without stepping inside your stall.

Our technicians

After making the design ready, our in house team of fabricators will collect the needed materials. We own a huge stock of high quality imported materials for our panels and high quality fabrics or vinyl for graphic printouts. We never compromise in quality. Then our technicians will carefully fabricate each portion and panels as in the design taking great care of each minute facts. Instead of using usual techniques, we use most sophisticated and modern techniques to connect the materials. Even this much can make your stall a jaw dropping scenario for others. Above all this, we make the best 3D stall design service in Kochi. A 3D stall can create magic. This gives the visitors an opportunity to feel your brand. This effect is more impactful than any other media. Thus installation is done with perfect finishing, with proper lighting, plasma display, curve corners, excellent and eye-catching brand display. Thus the design is made realistic.

The result

We always give importance to get updated in modern technologies. The end result is highly innovative , realistic, modular, royal and a perfect exhibition stall design perfectly blending with the client’s imagination. We assure that the people will rush to your stall to have a view of the new design in the city and will get impressed and approach you personally. Thus the end result will be your success and handful of business opportunities. The satisfaction and success of our client is our motto.