We, Pixelmate India, provides solutions for creating brand identity through exhibitions, product activations etc. We give complete assistance in organizing exhibitions. We are specialist in exhibition stall fabrication. Our team do planning, designing stalls, designing lights and electricity, designing of displays and detailed structural drawing or 3D rendering of the pavilions.

We make conceptualized, innovative designs for your exhibition stall. We are among the best exhibition stall fabricators in Gurgaon. It has been a very fortunate opportunity to serve the major brands who are our potential clients now. We always tried to implement innovative ideas in the hemisphere of the exhibition stall designing.

We are 100% dedicated to our work and always maintain precision. Hence we are one among the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company in Gurgaon. We assist our client from the very first discussion to the final adieu after the exhibition. We have a very potential team in our house who are extremely skilled and highly talented to produce the most impactful design for the display of your brand.

Impact of 3D exhibition stall design

Our team is always enthusiastic to add any new concept in every design. You can notice that we had provided you with the exclusive design most suitable for your brand concept. Over these years, we had been highly experienced in exhibition stall design and fabrication. Now our team is fighting tooth and nail for the most innovative technology of 3D stall design.

What we are focusing is to bring the concept of 3D designing in exhibition space. All our designs are created by our team of highly specialized, creative, well trained and experienced 3D stall designers in Gurgaon. Our team is very much updated and highly motivated and hence always remains in intense contact with the market trends. They are very much confident and do their job dedicatedly to craft the 3D design stall in ultra new and innovative style to capture the attention of the viewers.

Our designing and fabrication team works to give the most efficient 3D stall design service in Gurgaon. We exert our full effort to make the three dimensional projection of the 3D design concept created by our 3D designers. We could make this possible because of our years of experience in the exhibition stall design and fabrication. Your satisfaction is our guarantee and each one of our team works to reach this goal.

We use the best materials and the cutting edge technology for our 3D stall designs. Our in house team is very well equipped with modern technology and the most modern software because of which they are able to create one of a kind design. This brings us to the level of the best 3D stall design service in Gurgaon. We are striving this much because we know that our ultimate success lies in bringing more engagements in your stall.


Budget is a major concern during exhibitions. But in our case, we have excellent stock of the imported high quality materials and in- house production unit. So we do not have to outsource any of the services. Hence we can give you a reasonable quote for your show. This is a major quality of an exhibition stall design and fabrication company. Pixelmate India is able to meet this.

We know what you expect

Introducing your brand and its newly launched products and services is what is going in exhibitions. Also different brands from same industry can be seen exhibiting in a particular area. So , to get noticed and to enhance your market value, need to exhibit something new and attractive. To provide your targeted customers a clear vision of your presence, you need to come to the best exhibition stall fabricators in Gurgaon. We are pleased to see your feet stop at our door step. Now there is nothing you need to worry. Our professionals will take care of everything. You can be assured that your expectations will be meet.

What we do

We know that to fulfil your expectations, we need to make the stall design eye catching and more impressive. We have a team of talented individuals. Our managers will help you find a right space in the exhibition ground. After that understanding the scale of the space, our designers will talk to you. Then they will take the privilege to understand your requirements. Analyzing the available resources and studying the current trends, they will customize the design appropriate for your brand. We are aware of the fact that an exhibition stall fabrication needs an aesthetic creative skill. It includes interior and exterior designing, light and other graphic decorations, space management etc.

We are proud to say that our exhibition stall design and fabrication team never leaves any stone unturned to provide you with the most innovative method to showcase your product in an attractive and customer friendly way. We will provide you with a turn key solution to make your brand live and dynamic in the event so that it can attract more visitors.

What we design

We do design a very much conceptualized, customized exhibition stalls that can stand apart from other units. Our team of designers consider all small and big factors to turn out into an out of the world design. They do proper space planning, theme based or suitable colour combinations and all the needed graphic design works. Taking into account of all these they will come up with a 3D rendering of a most modern and totally new design. If you demand a 3D stall design, then our 3D stall designers in Gurgaon will work on it to make a three dimensional space into a 3D design concept. The world class fabricators working in our team will then execute the design into an amazing world of reality. This amazing world has the power to attract all the fellow visitors into it and sort out potential customers for you from among them. We promise that you can leave the exhibition with a handful of new business opportunities. Then only our hard work could have some value.