We, Pixelmate India, can provide you with a complete solution for exhibition stall fabrication. We comprise a team of professionals in each and every area from the space selection, design , execution to dismantling. Our team think creatively to promote your brand. Our passion and effort is to engage your visitors in a meaningful brand experience and make them the ultimate potential client for you.

Exhibitors from India and abroad can avail our service. We are very much dedicated in our work holding all the modern technology services to deliver our client the best. Our team designers with a handful of experience use the most modern technology to show you how the final exhibition stall design will look like. We first plan considering the visitors journey and then give a design utilizing the available space effectively and give a soothing overall environment.  On the basis of your budget, we integrate appropriate materials and elements. Our designers will tailor it all and then provide you a 3D rendering so that you could get a concept of the final structure. Our professional approach towards each and every project make us the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company in Delhi.

Why hesitate? Go for Custom Designs: exhibition stall design and fabrication   

We design innovative custom exhibition stand especially and uniquely for your brand in a way to impress the visitors thoroughly. We provide state of the art exhibition stall design and fabrication service. We are specialized in the fabrication of custom design exhibition stalls. With Pixelmate India, you will definitely stand out in the trade show.

Our super friendly designers, make a personal conversation with the client and make details of each and every specifications regarding the brand in his mind. Then they start from the scratch in order to generate a custom design to life. And our fabricators will do the rest as they are the best exhibition stall fabricators in Delhi .

How do you want to showcase your brand? It can be difficult to communicate but our design team is highly skilled and professional to understand your perspective. Pixelmate India has the confidence to deliver you a unique design because we hold an experience of thousands of custom exhibits in our hand. Therefore we first research about the type of audience that your brand demands and do our designing work according to that in order to give a better look for your exhibition stall design and fabrication.

We design to impress the visitors

Yes, to impress the visitors is our ultimate goal. After getting a clear picture about your business and your customers, our designers in various area such as 3D design, space planning, customer taste etc.; will come together for a brain storming session where we will discuss every small details to make the unique design. Finally the things will come together for the base of an amazing new trendy design. After this our team will give you a 3D render. We can discuss and go for the perfect one eliminating the misunderstandings. We are moving ahead to make the visitors stay with us , by our 3D stall design service in Delhi.

Fabulous fabricators : exhibition stall fabricators in Delhi

Our designers will do their part of all designing which includes space planning, stand design, 3D design, lighting, electrical, elevations, visual communications etc. After this the project will be transferred to the fabrication unit. A team of very talented, extremely skilled techie teeth is our fabrication unit. They have got all the necessary and right tools for building up the stand exactly the same as we see in the 3D design. We form the best exhibition stall fabricators in Delhi.

Pixelmate India has our own fabrication facility. We provide the best exhibition stall fabrication. We do not outsource any one of the fabrication works. Hence we can control the whole process. We always focus to maintain our high standards while building the modular, portable and custom stalls. We are committed to quality, so we use imported materials. We use high quality, versatile materials such as lightweight elements, large format graphic printouts, dimensional signage etc.

3D is the new trend : 3D stall design service in Delhi

Innovation of new designs and new trends had lead to 3D exhibition stalls now. So the 3D exhibition stall designers are popular now. Exhibitions are ought to gather maximum eye balls and footsteps. So anything new is in high demand. We provide the 3D stall design service in Delhi.

The speciality of 3D exhibition stall is that it can create a long lasting impression on the visitors than any other exhibition stalls and your brand comes in their mind, whenever they think of taking a service like that you offer. Our team of 3D stall designers in Delhi are highly professional, well trained and highly skilled. Any motion visual can make more impact than pictures. Hence 3D stalls stay in the mind of audience for a long time.

Our team of 3D stall designers in Delhi can compete anyone in the industry. Our portfolio is the example. We are always ready to go to any level for the satisfaction of our customers. Our success lies in their success. If the budget of our client allows, then we are very much updated to apply the most modern technology in our project. However, we are proud to have a bunch of clients who had always trusted us for any experiments because they know that we worth for their money. They all had gained a lot of business after hiring our service.

Once with you means we will be there with you lifelong.

We will not leave our esteemed client in the middle of the project, no matter whatever situation arises. We are very much committed and ultra-responsible in our work. After fabrication, we will definitely do any other addition if required. The whole theme colour and light arrangements will be elegant and attractive. We make sure no one misses your stall and your brand. Your brand will never leave a single visitor’s mind: at least in their subconscious mind your brand will be alive.  That is the immense impact we promise to make for your brand and our dear customers made as the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company in Delhi.