Don’t miss any opportunity to showcase your product, if you are thinking to embellish your business. The best way is branding in a way to get maximum public attention and exhibitions or trade shows are the right place. So grab every opportunity so that you can relax in your old age. Be an exhibitor, go for an exhibition stall design and fabrication company.

Remember! You do not get a free ride!

Nothing is possible without hard work. If you want to take your business to next level, then you have to be alert and grab every chances to endorse your brand. Like that, We, Pixelmate India, believe that if we have to provide our client with the best experience of his life time, we should pull out all the stops. So without effort nothing is possible. This attitude helps us to be the most profitable and recognizableexhibition stall design and fabrication company.

We are with you

Want to be our silent partner? Yes, once you are in us, we heads up each steps along with you and your choices. We will be moving with your dreams. And this makes you as our silent partner. So Pixelmate India is the right path to your success. So you can choose us for your exhibition stall fabrication.

Once we commit your project then our ultimate motto is to help you to be the centre of attraction in an exhibition. Our whole team will make their day and night for this resolution. We will assist you from; the very first talk with the organizer, deciding a suitable space for the stall, designing the stall, exhibition stall fabrication, dismantling and storing after the event. So after collaborating with us, you can concentrate completely on your business and product.

We provide innovative custom built exhibition stall and always work to provide you with the designs that are beyond your imagination. A basic stall is meaningless against an eye catching and well laid stall. You have got only a fraction of seconds to make an impression and attract the attention of maximum visitors and pick up your potential customers from them. We offer an exclusive exhibition stall design and fabrication service. We deliver our work on time bound and cost effectively and with utmost precision. We promise to take your business to the next level.

Our exhibition stall design and fabrication will be exactly as what you had in your mind; knocking all your competitors out of the park. Be unique and stand out from your competitors. Believe us! Your brand will be hallmarked.

Got an idea? Talk to us

Do not mark a limit for your imaginations and discuss each n every point with us. We will listen u patiently. That is the quality of our team. We can definitely fix wings to your dreams and expectations. For this, we have got a team of highly talented designers and exhibition stall fabricators in Chennai.

Who are we?

We are highly experienced and skilled team and know how to display your brand on the basis of the current trend and to make your company stand out and shine at the exhibition. Using our industrial knowledge and technical ability our designers will follow you from the stall design concept to the stall fabrication. We are here to take the stress and strain of the exhibition away from you. We are a bunch of highly professional, extremely creative and super friendly designers to make sure that you are getting the best. We provide complete flexibility that is you can make changes in the design each day of the show and make a different feeling each day. We always focus to design each element specifically according to your requirement and make sure that your stall is a success throughout the exhibition. Whether you want to promote your services or demonstrate new products, we will design accordingly. Our designers and exhibition stall fabricators in Chennai can make you ultimately proud of the exhibition stall.

What do our designers do?

We are aware of that an exhibition stall should complement and enhance your corporate branding and with our designers the options are limitless. We have been super creative and you’ll be impressed to see how the visitors will get impressed. We also possess a team of the best 3D stall designers in Chennai, who can provide creative and innovative design solutions to the clients. Our designers will expertly combine the factors; effectively utilizing the available space and make brilliant designs. They make sketches, colour visuals, working drawings etc to build an outstanding design for the exhibition stall and also provide the client with a 3D rendering. With this the client can get the idea of how his stall may look at the end.

Our 3D stall designers are always enthusiastic and proceed the research to make new, different and innovative designs; to bring an extremely different world in your stall. We do the best 3D stall design service in Chennai.

How we work?

We are in this exhibition ground for you and to make you the best. We have 7+ years of experience and so with us, the options are endless, whether you want the theme to be based on your company name, or embrace your branding colours or make an impact on the public with a new product. We work super friendly with you. At first we will listen to your requirements and what the stall want to say about you. We believe that a stunning exhibition stall that doesn’t fulfil its function is utterly useless. Exploring all these facts together, our designers, will give a perfect exhibition stall design for you. After confirming the design, we will work on to install it and on the fabrication.

We provide a dedicated project manager from start to finish making the exhibition chores easy. Our manager will manage everything. It is our pride when we come to know that our client have had a successful show and we could be an inevitable part of it with our designs. If you are in search of a friendly and an approachable team for all your exhibition needs, Pixelmate India is the best choice. We assist and guide you through out the process taking care of your all needs. It is our guarantee to deliver a crowd pulling stall features and you need to control the traffic afterwards.