Pixelmate India is an award winning exhibition stall design and fabrication company. We have years of experience so that we can be your guide to exhibit better .  We are a team with excellent and talented architects, designers, fabricators, managers etc who are very much skilled to deliver you any imaginable design.

Harmony at work

At first we make a meeting to visualize your requirements, then we will provide you with 3D renderings. You have to check and finalize the design.  After finalizing all we start fabrication using high quality materials and expert technicians to ensure the safety. We will leave you only after making sure that the exhibition was a success for you and then dismantle and store the materials so that it can be used for your the next event. We are very much hardworking and skillful beyond the world but at the same time , we are very friendly and charming and cool to keep the harmony at work. This makes us the perfect exhibition stall design and fabrication company.

Think out of the box : Create what is next  : 3D stall design service in Bangalore

We provide you a complete exhibition stall fabrication solution to fit your marketing goals. We will make genuine talks with you and understand your vision and with our experienced and fantastic and talented designers  we create the perfect exhibition stall design. You can feel our hands in each of your steps. Our project manager will be there always with you.

Our teams work along with the client throughout the entire process. We research even the minute details to ensure a smooth and successful experience every time. We live for your service. We had done an amazing number of exhibition floor plans, marketing strategies and exhibition stall design with the help of our designer team and the 3D stall designer in Bangalore. We opt to stay in line with the latest industry innovations and technology to make your effort a success. We operate with an informatory approach because we know that what you need is a complete exhibition solution.  Therefore we connect with you to discuss the strategic insights and technical measures that you need to take your brand and business to the next level.

We know better that the best product display begins with the best exhibition stall design. It is competition everywhere and people get easily attracted to new and interesting things. That is why our crazy designers always think out of the box and come up with excellent outcome. They try to create what is next means always give brand new designs. It is in our history that the new innovations we had introduced had been market trends. Our current concentration is in 3D stall design service in Bangalore. Our team can convert perfectly a three dimensional space into a totally new environment.

Why choose us ?

We always meet the standard which our clients expect from us. We have got the best creative minds and technicians with high production talent together under one roof. Our team of creative designers, project managers and fabricators has excellent brand knowledge and experience to create innovative and conceptualized design that can engage more visitors and enhance your brand value. With our 3D stall designer in Bangalore, you can experience a high quality and artistic and superb and ultra modern exhibition experience. We know that even the finest detail can impact your success, so we never leave any of the smallest points. We are well experienced and we know all the nuts and bolts that make an exhibition stall design remarkable and work tirelessly to deliver you the best and memorable exhibition experience of a life time.

Our services

  • Exclusive and innovative designs
  • Excellent service throughout the  project
  • Qualified technicians engineering our fabrication
  • Highly active and skilled project management
  • Custom exhibition stall designs and fabrication
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing

Our fabricators

We have got a high quality craftsmanship. We are equipped with industry leading machinery and hardware at our in-house production unit. Hence we can ensure high quality fabrication techniques with our best equipments.  Our qualified fabricators work with their craft skillfully taking into account of every details and assure that the end look will be world class. This makes us confident to ensure you that we can provide you with a high quality and highly impactful design for your brand promotion.

Our vision

We work with you like a partner from concept to reality and providing the whole exhibition solution. We design and fabricates and build custom exhibition display stands, brand activations, pop ups , banners, LED and laser lightings etc. We have got expert knowledge of custom stall building techniques, use of modular displays and logistic planning so as to ensure maximum footsteps in your stall so that your brand will be efficiently endorsed. We are very well experienced an dskilled and very much updated. We always encourage our workers to go for training on new market trends so that we can use it in our innovations.  We can execute successfully any small corner stalls to large industrial brand stalls , creating unique custom designs for individual works. Our 3D stall designs can play wonders for your adorable brand.

Our mission

Our mission is to generate more leads in your business by increasing traffic to your stall. We take care of the fact that people always get excited to new views and rush to that area which exhibits something new and useful for them. Hence we devote ourself in the work for new innovations or tactics to attract more eyes to the stall. We also encourage our clients to introduce any games or lotto or promotional gifts to the public because men rush to get anything that are free. Among the huge traffic in your stall, it is your duty to search your needed potential clients. We know that exhibitions are a stressful time for many business owners, so we take care of everything and make you free from the tensions. You can concentrate on your clients and impress them with the brand displayed uniquely and explaining them the details about your product and welcoming them into your business empire.