Want to flourish your business? Want more people to know about your brand? Tired of media advertisements? Then we, Pixelmate India can give the best solution: Do participate in an exhibition, we can make your brand name in each and every one’s tongue. To know more about this, you can consult us and we can assist you in all exhibition solutions. We can give you the whole idea of an exhibition stall design and fabrication to make you stand out in the exhibition and you will get noticed by all the visitors. This is the best method to enhance your business or brand.

Confused about cost?

It will not cost anything more compared to what you had spent for media advertisements. Also we are an international team with a great stock in our backyard. A wide range of quality materials needed for the complete exhibition solution. Hence we can provide you a cost effective service. Even if you choose the latest 3D stall design, keep in mind that we provide the best 3D stall design service in Ahmedabad, so can make it for you in an affordable rate. Also what you spend will be seen worth at the end of the event. It all will seem meager compared to the tremendous branding you will get at the end of the show. We promise that.

Want to know who we are?

We are a team highly dedicated and extremely talented professionals, well versed in exhibition stall design and fabrication. We will provide you with A-Z solution for the exhibition, what you have to do is just concentrate on your business. Our pro active managers will meet you and help and assist you from the day 1. They will help you decide and get the ideal space for your stall. They will deal with all extra matters like arguing with organizers, electricity, water etc. They will be with you through out the exhibition and even after the event, they will be there to dismantle and store the items and materials safely.

Our team of highly creative and super friendly designers will talk to you to know more about your brand and the new launch if any, and your services. You can fully open up with them your views and requirements and also if an idea of any design you have in your mind. We give great value for each and every of your views. Then they will ask about the colour combination or theme, if you have any. Else they will design it properly, the graphic designing section can do this job fast and efficiently. Then our 3D designers can give you an idea about the visual view of the stall. If you opt for a 3D exhibition stall, we have got an ideal group of 3D stall designer in Ahmedabad.

Once the design is final, our fabricators start their work who are the best exhibition stall fabricators in Ahmedabad. They can build design very much identical to the 3D design of the designers. Also they are very much qualified and skilled to make any suitable changes or add more elements to build a highly impressive stall to attract all the visitors to it.

Want to know how we work?

Our extremely talented and experienced designers are very much enthusiastic to provide you the best exhibition stall design of a life time experience. At first they make a conversation with you to ooze out all the informations from you have about your product. Then planning the space utilization, analysing the available resources and the colour theme and all necessities, our designers will give the most innovative and customized design uniquely for your brand. You can converse with them at any points. You are free to do anything. To provide you a clearer image, we will give you a 3D render and you will be able to have an aerial view of the stall. You can make any changes now. Our 3D stall designer in Ahmedabad is the best among other competitors. You will get an accurate way for representing your brand.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians can build the soft copy into an awesome design. The exhibition stall fabrication team can avail all the materials available to make the final design highly impactful. We use high quality materials that are safe and eco-friendly. We go on the go green principle and always take care to expel minimum waste. They will take care of the lighting section also. Proper digital displays will be provided. Stands for various purposes will be designed. Brochure, magazines etc, that can give an overall information about the product will be properly displayed. To add more and more traffic into your stall is our motto and it is your ability to sort out potential customers who can increase your business.

Finally, our managers will help you to dissemble all the units and use our transport services to take it to a safe place so that they can be used again. These services makes us the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company.

Your benefits!

You are in the hands of the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company. Our team has the ability to create the most appealing and fantastic exhibition stall designs to make your brand attain maximum attention in the exhibition. They are always updated plus their experience and knowledge about the current trends and can make the best innovative and marvelous design so that you stand out in the event. We value our client the most. Hence all your advices will be followed. Our exhibition stall designers and fabricators will work very hardly to deliver the most prompt design to display your brand. We assure that your product will get notice more and resulting in lot of businesses in your hand. In this way, we focus in grabbing the maximum eye balls into your stand and resulting in shaking hands with maximum clients. Thus you can get the ultimate result you had been searching for and can experience the growth of your business.