Kochi is the most populous metropolitan city in Kerala. Kochi is the financial, industrial and commercial capital of Kerala. It entangles lot of educational institutions and IT parks and lot more.  During holidays and weekends we can see lot of exhibitions arising in vacant stadiums and grounds and people are enthusiastic to visit these shows. They come with families as the organisers provide refreshments and play grounds to attract children. Most of them come as a mere visitor with their families , may be under the influence of their kids they had come. Whatever be the reason, being an exhibitor, your duty is to transform them into your potential customer. We know that children are always affectionate towards toys and eatables. So we won’t be able to attract them. Our focus are the elders. We should attract them to your stall and increase the traffic.

Importance of an excellent exhibition stall design

To make the public familiar with your brand , no place other than an exhibition ground is suitable. Now the question arising is how to attract the people other than those coming in search of you, in to your stall. In an exhibition field, we can find similar products related to a particular industry at one area and like wise . So normally people get bored of watching similar products. Hence you should do something to attract them. The appropriate solution is setting up a unique exhibition stall design.

Who are we

Here lies the importance of choosing an exhibition stall designer in Kochi. You can find the perfect match in us , Pixelmate India, the best exhibition stall designer company in Kerala. We provide the best exhibition stall design and fabrication in Kochi. We provide you with excellent exhibition stall design on the basis of the pre-conversation with you. Our designs always meet your requirement and the variety in it attracts more people to glance at least once in your stall. We embrace a bunch of talented and creative designers who are the best exhibition stall designers in Kochi. We provide project managers to help you in each and every solutions. Our professional fabricators build your dream into reality giving your stall an outstanding look among others and thus increasing the rush to your pavilion. Your success is our motto.

Our services

  • Listen to your ideas
  • Make a drawing of the design to give you an idea about how it looks
  • After confirming the design, provide you with 3D rendering to give you an idea about the final look
  • Keep highly informative and professional banners and brochures for visitors
  • Technical support for fabrication
  • Lighting support
  • Customer support through out the project

How we work

At first we arrange a meeting with the client. Will listen to his needs and requirements and give our suggestions and recommendations and thus try to understand the customer fully. Once we make a deal with you means you are in our family.

We provide you with an active manager who can help you directly from the beginning . The first chore is to choose an appropriate place for your stall. Meanwhile our creative designers will come up with the most innovative and trendy custom designs. We always try to provide new exhibition stall designs rather than repetition of the designs. We make unique designs for each one of our clients for their business exhibition stall design. Take special care not to make a conflict. Hence we are mentioned as the best exhibition stall designer in Kochi.

Our exhibition stall designers

Our team of creative designers will make highly innovative and conceptualized design , efficiently blending colour schemes to attain a perfect theme colour. They design the product display stand in such a way that it can attract the visitor’s glance. They design perfectly utilizing the available space. The position of display banners are fixed after lot of research, so that no eyes do miss the banner. They give the perfect lighting solutions. Attractive and elegant lightings will be given through the panels and also to highlight the product. Laser shows can also be arranged on clients’ demand. The colour of the carpet and furniture are designed to blend with the theme colour. Spaces for audio and visual arrangements can also be designed. We make sure that our design won’t let anyone to move on without stepping in  in your stall.

Our technicians

After making the design ready, our in house team will collect the materials. We provide high quality imported materials for our panels and high quality fabrics or vinyl for graphic printouts. We never compromise in quality. Then our technicians will carefully fabricate each portion and panels as in the design taking great care of each minute facts. We work dedicatedly as if it is our examination. Instead of using usual nut and bolt, we use most sophisticated and modern techniques to connect the materials. Even this much can make your stall a jaw dropping scenario for others. Thus installation is done with perfect finishing , with proper lighting, plasma display, curve corners , excellent and eye-catching brand display. Thus the design is made realistic.

Our manager

Our manager manages everything from the beginning to the end of the exhibition. He take care of each and every simple and complicated works. Hence our client can relax and perform his role well. He can interact more with the customers and grab new business opportunities.

The result

The end result is highly innovative , realistic, modular, royal and a perfect business exhibition stall design. We assure that the people will rush to your stall to have a view of the new design in the city and will get impressed and approach you and thus enhances your business. Thus the end result will be your success and handful of business opportunities. Our success lies in your success.

Our motto

We always thrive to get updated to modern technologies. For eg: now we use 3D design in exhibition stall designing and getting more and more excited visitors in our pavilion. We always maintain an elegant and minimalistic design. We assure that our design stand apart and unique from other stalls. The satisfaction and success of our client is our motto.