Delhi, our national capital, is the centre of political administration and second wealthiest city in India. Setting up a trade fair in Delhi can grab lot of viewers. Hence setting an exhibition stall in Delhi can worth an exhibitor a lot.

What is an exhibition in a trade fair?

An exhibition is the right platform for branding your product to the public in an industry fair, trade show, public events etc. Here companies of any particular industry can showcase and demonstrate their products as well as services to a highly targeted audience. It is an opportunity to meet industry partners and customers. In short, a large number of manufacturers and purchasers can come into direct contact with each other and discuss their demands and business openly. It also provides news about your industry rivals and helps to study and examine the recent market trends and public demands.

Importance of an exhibition stall

During an exhibition various companies of same industry set individual stalls to promote their latest products. Here lies the importance of an exhibition stall design. An exhibition stall should stand unique to attract the visitors. The exhibition stall design should attract the potential customers’ eyes towards your brand within fraction of few seconds. Hence an exhibition stall design is the key factor to enhance your business. Without a best exhibition stall design, participating in a trade show is absolutely meaningless.

Why to choose an exhibition stall designer?

In order to make your stall a walk in way for more steps, it is ideal to hire an exhibition stall designer. An exhibition stall designer can set the interior and also exterior of your stall according to the latest market trends and public demands. Hence take the challenge in choosing the best exhibition stall designer in the area.

Who we are?

We, Pixelmate India, are the best exhibition stall design company in Delhi. We focus directly on the client’s demands without compromising quality. We possess a team of highly qualified, professional and experienced exhibition stall designers who effort 24×7 to provide innovative, highly demanding, concept and theme based, simple, elegant and serene designs. This awards our team as the best exhibition stall designer in Delhi. Pixelmate India always risks taking initiative to introduce jaw dropping and eye-catching innovations in the respective field which earns demand later. Hence we own the royalty for many such innovative exhibition stall designs. We travel a lot in each and every part of the world to pick up every single element that can enhance our creativity and satisfy our customers completely. Pixelmate India stand apart from our competitors because of the method our designers, in fact the best exhibition stall designers in Delhi,  choose to advertise and display the product, brand and image of our respectable client using conventional as well as contemporary and trendy visual and graphic elements. Quality is our personification.

Why choose us?

We, Pixelmate India, can be an ideal partner for any exhibitor. The exhibitor can find our helping hands right from choosing the position of the stall to the ultimate exhibition stall designing and fabrication so as to enhance his business. We take special care right from designing to execution and ensure a successful execution.  We provide the best business exhibition stall design. The team Pixelmate India is one of the best exhibition stall designing company in Delhi. Our outstanding designers provide conceptualized, creative, customized, colorful, well-illuminated, attractive and excellent designs which categorizes them among the best exhibition stall designers in Delhi. We offer exhibition stall design and fabrication, pavilions, glow sign translites, billboards, digital banners, shop signages, scrollers, print advertising designs, brochures, website etc. We always keep in line with our motto to keep one step up in each and every design and leave a remarkable experience with our clients. We take any challenges to meet the clients’ requirements with our intuitive, creative, innovative and excellent designs and services. We always gather information to improvise our exhibition stall design and fabrication so as to make a spot impression about the brand and offer an appealing message to the visitors. We provide a clear and striking design of the banners, graphics and the textual contents highlighting the discount and offers. Always give importance to the lightings, structure and location of the display boards. We can promise an awesome exhibition stall design; regarding simple banner to the latest technology graphic display; so as to increase the number of footfall in your stall.

Our specialties

  • Possess a complete in house infra structure to facilitate exhibition stall design and services irrespective of the industry
  • A committed team to ensure on time delivery and precision
  • A proper communication with the client to understand and work on the basis of their perspective too
  • We offer the customer layouts with elevated view so that they could get a clear picture of the actual stall
  • We provide designs after fully understanding the space allocations and the way the product can be displayed to engage with maximum number of clients
  • We promote modular and serene designs
  • Fully customized exhibition stall design and fabrication keeping in mind the organizer’s guidelines
  • Portable designs and materials
  • Use well specialized  and Eco-friendly materials

Innovative 3D design exhibition stall

Presently, 3D exhibition stalls are more appealing and 3D exhibition stall designers are in great demand. The best way to grab maximum eye balls in an exhibition is to have a unique looking exhibition stall. A 3D design exhibition stall can transform any three dimensional space into an atmosphere that can bring your brand to life. Now a days every exhibitors are highly competitive and gives maximum care to stand out from the rest of the competitors. A 3D exhibition stall can create a lasting impression and help to emerge from the crowd. Pixelmate India possesses the best 3D exhibition stall designers in Delhi who can provide the exhibitor with the state of the art exhibition stall designs. Also ensure that we can meet their show objectives. Our designs are highly motivated and remain in sync with the market trends. We are a team of 3D exhibition stall designers in Delhi who are well trained with knowledge and experience. In advertising your brand, a 3D exhibition stall designer has an inevitable part because it provides branding, corporate image building and builds a market presence for the viewers.

Our outstanding exhibition stall design and fabrication helps to build a faith about the exhibitor in the mind of the visitors and can provide the most prospective clients an opportunity to glance or choose from many available choices. We are truly honored to possess a group of efficient clients who made Pixelmate India the best business stall designing company in Delhi.