Chennai is named as India’s health capital. Chennai is the biggest cultural, economic and educational centre of South India. Lots of exhibitions and trade fairs occur in Chennai helping all the business experts from all the states of India to exhibit their product to reach the maximum range of customers. The benefits you can achieve through an exhibition are

  • Interact and reach your entire target group at a single location
  • Identify trends and get inspiration for your product improvisation
  • Interact and meet professional from all over the states
  • Explore more business opportunities and meet potential customers
  • Get more information about the latest technologies, trends etc.
  • Boost your company’s visibility in a large scale

After confirming the exhibition space, you need to find an exhibition stall designer in Chennai. We, Pixelmate India can be a right choice for you. We are the best exhibition stall designing company in Chennai. We are specialized in custom exhibition stall designs. We offer custom exhibition stall designs, exhibition stall fabrication, furniture, pavilion, graphic printing, installation etc. We also provide hanging truss solutions, audio video visuals etc. All this makes us the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company in Chennai. We are innovative and experienced and can tailor and execute custom exhibition stall designs suiting to the specific business goals.

In an exhibition we can find how the exhibitors try hard to feast the visitor’s eyes to grab their attention by using highly illuminating lighting, sound and graphic marvels. So you need to concentrate on unique designs to stand out from the crowd. It is crucial for you to capture the attention of the visitor in the first few moments so that they come to your stall and spend some quality time so that you can mould them into your potential client. We have a fantastic team of enthusiastic exhibition stall designers in Chennai, who are able to figure out the best way to design the stall for your specific brand. We try to grab all eye balls on your brand.

It is the time to let your brand shine. We like to have conversation with you regarding your ideas of  display and help you to bring it to life by mixing our own elements of creativity. We will at first provide you a 3D rendering of the outlook of the stall and then fabricate the stall according to that.

Our special importance is given to quality. We print out all the graphics using the top industry standard technology to make it highlight in the crowd. The materials we use for fabrication is also of high quality. We have a large stock of high quality imported materials which we can provide to our clients at the best rate in the industry. The outstanding quality and the most modern technology we are using to connect it will make the exhibition stall have a different appearance among the other or neighbouring stalls. We offer you complete assistance from the beginning to the end of the whole process that is from finding out suitable position to design the stall utilizing the available space assembling and installing to dismantling etc.

Take a look at the theme of your stall. You can imagine all the possible colours for the theme to make it the best business exhibition stall. Remember sky is the limit ! The design should reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Our designers do the fantastic work using the most modern graphic elements and software. The customized graphics for banners are available in various textures from fabrics to vinyl. You can experience a strategically approach in all of our designs . We can make it to life, whatever you want to convey about your brand. An appropriate design can excite the visitors to step in and have a look on your product. After this it is your responsibility to hold them and explain them all the advantages of your product or business and make them your potential customer. Always remember that all these struggles are to improve your business and make you success and that marks our success too.  Each one of our exhibition stall designs is different from one another. We take pride in our versatility. Our designers are the best exhibition stall designers in Chennai.

In any event, we have our own super active managers who can manage A to Z needs for setting up your brand stall. He will give you full support on each and every step of the process. He is very much professional to ensure you his flawless service in every field. He will be there to maintain anything regarding the exhibition stall design and fabrication and display. So you can concentrate, without any worry , on your sales and clients. We know how important the event is for you , so our manger will take all the responsibility of the exhibition for you . He will assist you during the entire project cycle .  We will make you fully utilize the exhibition to enhance your business. It is essential to identify the taste of your visitors so that you can direct your strategy towards that. We help you fully to achieve that. Our team take the risk to understand the type of visitors in the locality and come up with a solid and achievable goal for the exhibition . We take special attention to your goal. Whether it is to gather more leads or more sales or make an impression in the minds of potential customers , our designers who are the best exhibition stall designers in Chennai, design the stall keeping all this in mind so as to attract more traffic in your stall . The designs we make will speak about your brand . The colour theme that we use will be based on your brand. And the usage of colours will be such that your brand logo and taglines will look perfect on it. The way we display your products will speak about your brand to visitors in their single glance . Innovative lighting and a variety of high quality materials will help you achieve the best result with your business exhibition stall design.  We are proud to announce that we provide the best exhibition stall design and fabrication.