Bengalore is referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. It is the point of nation’s leading IT and technological headquarters. Bengalore embraces one of the most highly educated workforces in the world.

In present age, branding means marketing. So businesses can be improved through marketing only. More than advertising; exhibitions in trade shows are the best and effective way of marketing and significantly take less time to recognise. Exhibitions give opportunity to meet the public and create an impact. This is a way to connect with large crowds, generate more connections or leads and eventually convert them to business or as your clients. During an exhibition, the way you display your offerings will be the first impression on the visitors to decide whether they want to buy or deal with you or not. Hence attractive display helps in drawing more attention towards your brand. Exhibitions do not promote instant sales but they are opportunities to strengthen sales and branding. There lies the importance of beautiful and elegant exhibition stall design. It is always wise to hire the best exhibition stall designer in Bengalore in order to drag your business to another level and outshine your competitors. Pixelmate India is the best exhibition stall design company in Bengalore and can be a right choice for you.

We, Pixelmate India knows that the visitor attention spans are usually short and hence creative and well strategized exhibition stall design can grab long term attention.

Our quality

We always focus on minimalistic designs. That is we carefully eliminate all unnecessary details and focus on your speciality and offerings and highlight them in the most effective way. Our team works on well labeled display with defined messages. Compact is the new trend. We make best use of the available space and latest technology to make a simple and informative and engaging exhibition stall.

It is a human nature that anything expressed with images and videos stays in the memory for long. Making use of this idea, we always create attractive visual displays that go in sync with the colour scheme of the stall, to describe your business. The colour schemes, lighting pattern and the ambience of the stall can have a powerful impact on the customers of your brand statement and values. We always work on this philosophy. An eye catching exhibition stall design is the effective method to attract more prospective clients.

In a trade show, lot of exhibitors from same industry will be present. So you need a unique design to stand out from the rest. We have got the team of best exhibition stall designers in Bengalore to execute this. A strategically planned stall not only attracts attention but also hold it for maximum results. We always thrive to find in our each and every design, a unique way to interact with the walk-ins or product display with the help of the most modern technologies. We bring a unique approach in every single element.

Now it is time for you, the client, to play some roles. Now hospitality matters. The ambience of the stall ( that we had perfectly done from our side ) and your personality defines the impression of the visitors. Always welcome them with a smiling face and explain patiently every detail they are asking about. Hospitality creates an instant buzz and gives an extra opportunity to interact with the customers.

Another method to attract more people to your stall is offering promotional gifts. People always love gifts and if they get anything useful as a gift they will be happy and remember you for long. Always give something related to your brand as a gift and promotional give away are the best way to get noticed. You can also organize any lotto or games or contests alongside your stall and this can attract more traffic to your stall. Also the client should not forget to follow up the potential customers who are impressed came to your stall.

What we do

Keeping all this in mind we provide a wonderful business exhibition stall design for our clients. We do creative solutions to set a stall design that remains memorable for your customers. Our complete attention will be with you from the start to finish of the exhibition.

Our services

  • Exhibition stall design
  • Best display of your products
  • Exhibition stands
  • Digital printing materials such as brochures and banners
  • Signage and promotional structures
  • Walls & Floorings
  • Truss work
  • Laser cutting and shaping
  • Electrical installation
  • Lighting design
  • Installation and dismantling

Who we are

Pixelmate India is now a renowned and the best exhibition stall design and fabrication company in Bengalore. Building a brand name is the mercy of our clients and it is our greatest achievement. We are well experienced and bags a list of high class clients. We try to grow constantly using the new technology, talent and skills.

At Pixelmate India, we provide a complete range of design and fabrication services based on international standards and specific requirements. We have got a vibrant and dynamic team of exhibition stall designers, technicians and pro active managers who are well qualified and experienced and 24×7 working actively. They are immensely talented to plan and design your stall taking into account of all the factors like utilizing available space effectively, researching for the most suitable colour combination that matches your brand, effective display of the products, client’s demands etc. Finally our talented bunch comes out with world class design with the practicality and functionality of space and structures that can ensure excellent result making you successful.

Why choose us

  • We are creative : come out with fresh ideas
  • We are innovative : provide innovative proposals and lively designs and specifications
  • We are flexible : immediate response, cost and time flexibility
  • We are trust worthy : maintain clients’ trust at any cost
  • We are choosy : offer numerous options to promote your brand

We cover the complete life cycle of the exhibition stall design to promote more business for our client and he can leave it on us and concentrate on the sales.