Trade fairs and exhibitions are important marketing tools and as such, are important to boost trade goods and services. They enhance the opportunity to strengthen ties with business partners and get the latest information on trends and developments in a given industry. According to figures from the International Association of Fairs (UFI), the world has more than 1,100 shows, with a total of over 31 million square meters which annually hosts more than 30,000 trade shows and 2.9 million exhibitors and more than 250 million visitors. The following paragraphs describe selected trade fairs and exhibitions industries worldwide some industries

International Association of Trade fairs (UFI)

UFI is the organizers of trade fairs and major operators of global partnership exhibition centres and major associations of national and international exhibitions for representation, promotion and support of business interests of its members and the exhibition industry, UFI represents directly some 50,000 employees of the exhibition industry in the world, but also works closely with its 55 members of the national and regional cooperation. Currently, 700 member organizations from 84 countries have registered as members, while more than 900 international trade fairs proudly bear the UFI approved label. Some upcoming events for 2017 are UFI;

  • UFI Human Resources Management Focus Meeting scheduled for 27 and 28 February 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 3rd Asian Golf Friendship Cup; June 4, 2017 Thailand
  • 84th World Congress of UFI 1 to 4 November 2017 at the Sandton Convention Center, South Africa, attended only members of UFI
  • UFI 2017 conference (open seminar) which will be held May 10 to 12 2017 at the Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany

German Trade Fair Industry

Trade fair of the German industry by international comparison is a key service industry as more than 100 organizers of trade fairs and others operate in Germany with approximately 59,000 German companies actively discussed in the popularity of the manufacturing business enterprise, providers and trade. The organizers of the exhibition are members of AUMA also organized more than 260 others in important foreign growth regions – especially in Asia, North and South America and the ‘Eastern Europe

USA Trade Show Industry

Industry trade fair in the United States is an important component of the US economy. This trade show is the meeting point of the respective industry. In general, conferences and other programs accompanying exhibitions in the United States are as important as the trade fair itself. While trade shows in Europe developed markets, fairs in the United States were organized as calling conventions trading partners of each respective sector for over 100 years and the main objective of the trade fairs is to share experiences and meet potential customers. A key feature of all the trade fairs in the United States is an open concept booth. Exposure to come to the United States is the Oklahoma Restaurant Convention and Exhibition will be an event of the second day running August 31 to September 1, 2017 at the Cox Convention Centre in Oklahoma City, United States of America.

International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE)

International Association of exhibitions and events is a leading global association for the exhibition industry which represents more than 10,000 people in 52 countries, and deals with supporting exhibitions worldwide. Over 50% of IAEE members directly involved in the planning, management and production of exhibitions and events between sellers and buyers, the rest are those that provide goods and services industry.

Global Industry Expo

Global Industrial Expo Pune is an industrial goods and manufacturing product trade fair in Asia and one of the few fairs of its kind in the region connecting the two areas. Visitors to the show come from all over the continent. It is especially for managers and representatives of research and development, purchasing, marketing and consulting. Global Industrial Expo is held every year and for this reason planned for the fourth time in September 2017 in Pune.

Hong Kong Clothing Industry

Trade fairs and exhibitions remain common places for buyers and suppliers of clothing to meet and explore market opportunities, manufacturers and traders in Hong Kong have actively participated in international fairs conducted by the Business Development Board of Hong Kong (TDC) including Beijing, Chengdu, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Hong Kong, Dalian, Moscow, Mumbai, Tokyo and Paris. Hong Kong Fashion Week is usually organized twice in a year and allows international buyers and suppliers to participate in the exhibition.

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