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Here in Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs we have some fine set of 3D designers who are basically the heart of our company. We are experienced and trained in this field of interiorizing and want to offer you the best quality services you can think of.

Exhibition Stand Design Company Ambient India New Delhi

Exhibition Stand Design Company Ambiente India New Delhi The exhibition of Ambiente India New Delhi is coming soon and all the interested participants have already begun their preparation in full fledge. It is an exhibition of interior décor, designs, and furnishings which is the reason as to why it is required to be very careful in designing the exhibition stand. The exhibition stand should be necessarily able to showcase the products and services on offer so that the stall is able to attract a maximum number of visitors. Thus, it is extremely important to look for a good exhibition stand [...]

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Why Adding A Screen To Your Exhibition Stand Is A Good Idea?

Adding A Screen To Your Exhibition Stand Is A Good Idea At the time when you are participating in an exhibition, the ultimate motive is to gain visitors so that the credibility of your business can be significantly enhanced. This is the reason as to why each of the exhibition stand designer tries to incorporate some or the other things so as to attract more and more visitors to the exhibition stand. Now, at this point of time, it would certainly be a very good idea to add a screen to your exhibition stand. The use of video content can [...]

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Reducing Exhibition Stand Costs – Pixelmate Designs

At any point in time, the business owners look forward to participating in an exhibition, the primary thing that comes to their mind is the cost. It is true that organizing a stall in the exhibition incurs a cost. Now, it might as well happen that fruitful results are not obtained from the exhibition which certainly hurts the organizer. In this situation, it would be a very good idea to arrange the exhibition on a budget. It is to be kept in mind that exhibition stands are not at all cheap and the ones that are good are quite expensive. [...]

Modular Exhibition Stalls – The Ideal Solution for Trade Shows

If you or your organization is planning to participate in any of the exhibitions, it is common that you might be thinking about the design and the setup of the exhibition stand. The most common motive would be to attract visitors to your stall in the exhibition so that the generation of leads can be done in an effective way. So, at this point in time, it would be an ideal choice to switch to the modular exhibition stalls. It has been observed in recent times that a huge number of modular exhibition stalls are being opted for as compared [...]

What Are The Different Types Of Exhibition Stand Design?

An exhibition is an event which is organized to allow businesses to display their products and services to the public, or to other businesses. Exhibitions provide the best sales and marketing opportunities and offer many benefits if executed properly. Exhibition stands are considered as an effective tool for marketing at any event and Pixelmate Designs Pvt Ltd has proven it to be true. Mentioned below are some of the most common types of exhibition stands that are likely to help you attract customers to your booth: Modular Stands: This is the most common type of exhibition stand present in the market. It is [...]

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How To Design An Eye-Catching Exhibition Stand?

Creating something special for your exhibition stand is essential to creating a strong impression and standing out at a trade show. The phrase that first impression is the last impression is certainly true as far as exhibition stands are concerned. Remember that even if your company has superior products or services, along with a well-qualified booth team, poor visual appeal can steer prospective customers away from you. When it comes to setting up an exhibition stand for success, it is essential to making the most of your exhibiting chance. Pixelmate Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Exhibition stand designer in [...]

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Tips On Creating The Perfect Exhibition Presentation

It is said that the success of an organization is limited to the expression of its marketing strategy. In such a scenario to define an organizational success an organization must select its marketing tools cautiously with the extempore of the need for the hour. One such major marketing tool that has always aided in expressing organizational frontiers about their services and products is exhibition: A reflective front desk strategy at various expos and fair to define and express oneself. However a successful exhibition is the one that interlock with human emotion and help express an organization while empathizing with the [...]

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Pixelmate Designs The Best Exhibition Stall Designer – What Makes Us The Best

Planning to participate in an exhibition? Confused how to step up your stall? Worried with failure of exhibition stall from looking at others or past experience? Then look no more, at Pixelmate Designs Private Limited we provide a one stop solution to create the best exhibition stall as per your needs that would provide you and your audience with that gala experience that you have been looking for all along. But simply don’t go by our words, look at the various catering we offer for your exhibition stall and then allow us to make your exhibition an experience of a [...]

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Tips To Increase Your ROI At An Exhibition

If you are participating in an exhibition, then as a business owner, you would certainly look forward to increase your ROI and at the same time you would also want to increase your sales at the exhibition. This might seem to be a difficult task which is why you might be worried as a business owner. But at this point of time, following some of the simple tips will not only increase your visibility at the exhibition but also would readily increase your sales thereby giving you a very good ROI. First and foremost, it is extremely important to select [...]

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How Pixelmate Can Help Enhance Attendee Experience

Are you looking forward to participate in an exhibition? If so, then you might be worried about a number of things and among them attendee experience is something that is troubling you the most. It is true that the experience of attendees at your stall in the exhibition plays a vital role in increasing the sales thereby enhancing the ROI as well. So, at this point of time, you might be thinking about the necessary things to do for the enhancement of the attendee experience at the stall in the exhibition. But you need not worry at all since Pixelmate Designs [...]

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