Plan ahead for your exhibition. Put your best efforts and creative thoughts to make your stand look different and distinctive from the other exhibition stands. Your exhibition stand should be an experience in itself for your esteemed customers. Stand out with Pixelmate’s unique exhibition tips –

  1. Choosing the Right Exhibition It is very important to choose the right and appropriate exhibition. Do proper research on whether the exhibition will fit into your marketing strategies. It is also necessary to know whether participation in the exhibition will attract the targeted audience or not. Do a thorough check on how well established the exhibition is, how many visitors attended it last year, how is the show promoted etc.
  2. Keep a check on your competitors You can keep a check on what images, products and marketing tricks your competitors are using to grab the visitor’s attention. You can use it to refine and develop new exhibition strategies for your exhibition stall. You can work on different exhibition stall designs to stand out, and not be lost in the crowd of identical pull up banners. However, avoid being close to your competitor’s exhibition stand.
  3. Catchy graphics and design Your stall’s graphics and design play the most crucial role in attracting visitors to your stall. Make sure your graphics are clear and convey who you are and what you are. The next step is to layer the information on the graphics to draw in more customers. However, keep your message short and sweet. Using short verbs strikes a chord with everyone. Avoid filling the graphics with technical details.
  4. Have the collateral Keep a check and plan out all the materials you need at the exhibition stand. Make sure your stash of brochures, business cards are easily accessible for the visitors. Don’t pounce on your visitors and bombard them with your promotional leaflets. Give them sufficient time to browse your exhibition stall. After which you can interact with them and handover your information booklets or brochures for follow-up.
  5. Create a Hashtag The latest buzz about exhibitions is creating a hashtag for your exhibition stand. It is a great way to promote and market your products and host contests. Always keep the hashtag small and easy to remember. Try including it in your banners, graphics and leaflets. Also, follow the official hashtag of the show and keep updated with the latest news of the exhibition community.
  6. Follow-up Follow-up with your clients even after the exhibition gets over. Stay in touch with your leads and keep them updated with your latest product launches and future discounts you will offer. The more you connect with your leads the better the chance of turning them into sales.