Everyone wishes to have more booth traffic at trade expos. However, to attract visitors to your exhibition stall is not a child’s play. For a successful booth display and high ROI, there are few tricks you need to follow. Pixelmate Pvt. Ltd. gives you the top 5 ways to increase visits to your Exhibition Stall. Read On –

  1. Contact Attendees Ask the Expo organizers for a full list of attendees. Make sure you are prepared from the beginning and get in touch with the attendees. Create a buzz before the expo starts so that you can attract the attention of your attendees. The most polite and inviting way is to send a personal email or an invite for one to one meeting. Mention about goodies, competitions and stand activities that you are planning to organize to keep your attendees updated. This is the best way to attract more and more visitors to your exhibition stall.
  2. Don’t forget your existing clients Invite your existing and loyal clients personally. Offer valuable giveaways which makes them feel special. Current customers are the easiest sell and source of referrals. Therefore, it is important to make them happy. Gift them goodies to make them feel special. Pens and keyrings are not so engaging instead offer discounts on your products and services. This helps to boost your relationship with your existing and loyal clients. Always use your company logo and name to grab the attention at the exhibition.
  3. Spread the word through social media Marketing your exhibition presence on social media makes a big impact on the number of visitors. Social media has a wide and far reach compared to other mediums. Use official event hashtags and engage with as many people as you can. Promote and let people know about the exciting games, product launch, freebies, beverages and refreshments that you will be providing. Always make sure that your social feed is updated before and after the event. You can also write blogs and news feature in magazines about your upcoming events. The more you promote and advertise your exhibition stall on social media the more visitors you gain!
  4. Reward your staff Remember your staff is your biggest asset and source to attract more leads. Successful and energetic booth staffing has the power to change the exhibiting experience. A confident, kind and smiling staff project the right impression of the company in front of the visitors. To encourage and drive the staff to put their 100% efforts, reward your staff by hosting friendly competitions. You can gift vouchers for their good performance. Your staff will be much more aware and will understand the importance of the show better.
  5. Provide a Relaxing Space Attendees are constantly approached and bombarded with marketing messages and sales pitches. It is very important to show some concern and kindness towards them. You can provide a relaxing environment for your attendees at your exhibition stall. Provide comfortable seating area. Offer drinks and coffee, this little acts of kindness can also add in attracting visitors to your exhibition stand. Moreover, when visitors stop over your stand to take some rest it provides an opportunity to engage with them in a conversation.